IFAC Masterplan

updated in Baltimore, MD, USA; July 1, 2010 updated November, 2013 slightly revised September, 2016
  • Advanced Control in Chemical Processes (ADCHEM)
  • Advances in Automotive Control (AAC)
  • Advances in Control Education (ACE)
  • Automatic Control in Aerospace (ACA)
  • Computer Applications in Biotechnology (CAB)
  • Computational Methods in Economics & Financial Systems (to be redeveloped)
  • Control in Transportation Systems (CTS)
  • Dynamics and Control of Process Systems (DYCOPS)
  • Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety for Technical Processes (SAFEPROCESS)
  • Human-Machine Systems (HMS)
  • Information Control in Manufacturing (INCOM)
  • Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles (IAV)
  • Large Scale (Complex) Systems (LSS)
  • Mechatronic Systems (MECHATRONICS)
  • Control, Optimization and Automation in Mining, Mineral and Metal Processing (MMM)
  • Modelling and Control of Biomedical Systems (to be redeveloped)
  • Non-Linear Control Systems (NOLCOS)
  • New name: Control of Power and Energy Systems (CPES) until 2012: Power Systems and Power Plants (PSPP)
  • Robot Control (SYROCO)
  • Robust Control Design (ROCOND)
  • System Identification (SYSYID)
  • System Structure and Control (SSC)
  • Telematics Applications (TA)