The International Federation of Automatic Control was founded in September 1957. Our multinational federation is concerned with automatic control and its representation in the fields of engineering, science and the impact of control technology on society. Join us in challenging the new era in electronic communication, publication and exchange of ideas.

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IFAC has made all of its technical publications, including fully reviewed papers presented at IFAC technical meetings, available on the Internet.

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IFAC Foundation

The IFAC Foundation solicits and funds innovative control engineering activities which promise to improve the state of knowledge of individuals and groups.

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23 - 28 Aug 2026
IFAC World Congress - 23rd WC 2026™
IFAC World Congress - 23rd WC 2026™

The 23rd IFAC World Congress will be held in the beautiful beach-front city of Busan in the Republic of Korea. Most nationals will not need a visa. Busan is one of best known international meeting cities in the world and is also picked as the best destination in Asia by CNN.

The congress venue, BEXCO has 53 meeting rooms and a large auditorium, which is ideal for IFAC. BEXCO is five minutes from two accessible sand beaches where most hotels will be reserved.

The vision for IFAC WC 2026 is global friendship through control technology, thriving from innovative global diversity. Global friendship in the future will also feature living harmoniously with the modern AI convergence.

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