Council and Advisors


The Council is responsible to the General Assembly for the management of the Federation. It receives its mandate from the General Assembly and reports to it on the state of the Federation not less frequently than at each Triennial Congress.

Subject only to the directions of the General Assembly, the Council will formulate the policies of the Federation, in relation to the world community of control engineers, the National Member Organizations, intergovernmental and other non-governmental international professional organizations. It shall develop the long-term plans of the Federation for approval by the General Assembly and shall instruct the various boards and committees of IFAC accordingly.

The Council shall direct and supervise the functioning of the Federation, including both the technical and the executive activities. It will delegate particular functions to the appropriate boards and committees and will from time to time receive activity reports from those boards and committees.


Name Position Email Country
Janan Zaytoon President FR
Frank Allgöwer President-Elect DE
Francis J. Doyle III Vice-President (Technical Board) US
Sergio Bittanti Vice-President (Executive Board) IT
Ian K. Craig Immediate Past President ZA
John Lygeros Treasurer CH
Yaman Arkun Ordinary Member TR
Jozsef Bokor Ordinary Member HU
Eduardo F. Camacho Ordinary Member ES
Dong-Il Cho Ordinary Member KR
Shinji Hara Ordinary Member JP
Gennadiy Leonov Ordinary Member RU
Derong Liu Ordinary Member CN
Henk Nijmeijer Ordinary Member NL
Radhakant Padhi Ordinary Member IN
Carlos Eduardo Pereira Ordinary Member BR
Ian R. Petersen Ordinary Member AU
Sarah K. Spurgeon Ordinary Member GB


Upon retirement, any elected IFAC Officer may be appointed an Advisor for life by the President of IFAC.

IFAC Advisors may be consulted by the active officers on any matter related to the Federation or given special assignments as the President deems appropriate.


Name Position Email Country
Pedro Albertos Advisor ES
Brian D.O. Anderson Advisor AU
Peter Fleming Advisor GB
Janos Gertler Advisor US
Roger Goodall Advisor GB
Lino Guzzella Advisor CH
Abraham Haddad Advisor US
Gusztav Hencsey Advisor HU
Rolf Isermann Advisor DE
Alberto Isidori Advisor IT
Stephen J. Kahne Advisor US
Hidenori Kimura Advisor JP
Vladimir Kucera Advisor CZ
Wook-Hyun Kwon Advisor KR
Lennart Ljung Advisor SE
Mohamed Mansour Advisor CH
Iven Mareels Advisor AU
Michael K. Masten Advisor US
Tibor Vamos Advisor HU


Name Position Email Country
Yong-Zai Lu Member US
Kurt Schlacher Secretary AT