Associated Member Organizations (AMOs)

IFAC Associated Member Organizations (AMOs) are a way for countries/regions who previously have not been able to be part of IFAC’s National Member Organizations (NMOs) due to financial limitations or other challenges, to participate fully in the IFAC community. AMOs should be comprised of well-defined groups of researchers, practioners, other formally-recognized groups, active in the field of automatic control, from within a given country/region in which there is no NMO.

Benefits include mentorship and assistance from experienced IFAC officials, IFAC-specific information and invitations (such as official guest status for a representative appointed by the AMO to the IFAC General Assembly) participation in IFAC Technical Committees (TCs), and many others.

There is no yearly charge/membership fee for AMOs to pay, and only a small amount of triennial administrative tasks, both for IFAC and the AMO. As is expected of all IFAC NMOs and the individuals who participate in IFAC’s work and activities the AMOs must agree to adhere to the IFAC Code of Conduct. Individuals, members of the AMO, are also invited to register to the free of charge IFAC Affiliates program.

AMO applications should be submitted to the IFAC Secretariat, preferably after some initial contact with and guidance from the IFAC Membership Committee. From there the application will be forwarded for review and discussion by IFAC’s Membership Committee. The review from Membership Committee members will be transferred to the IFAC Executive Officers for a final decision.

For further information, please have a look at this document.