The revenue of IFAC chiefly consists of annual membership fees paid by the National Member Organizations (NMOs) and publications income from the IFAC Journals.

IFAC's revenue is used for administrative expenses. Its recommendations are approved by the Council which is held accountable by the General Assembly for the expenses.

All Official Positions are voluntary and unpaid. The Officials' activities, even travel expenses for the IFAC meetings, are supported from their own resources.

IFAC has three membership categories and the fees for each category are determined by the General Assembly (current annual membership fees in brackets):

Ordinary membership category (1.500/3.000/6.000/12.000)

Reduced-fee membership category (500)

Introductory membership category (150)

For the Ordinary membership category, each NMO can select an appropriate fee level in the four sub-categories from 1.500 to 12.000. NMOs in the ordinary membership category must communicate to the IFAC Treasurer by October 1st of each year if they wish to change their sub-category of membership for the ensuing year.

All financial matters of IFAC are handled by the Vice President of Finances:

Prof. Dr. Silvia Mastellone
Hochschule für Technik
Institut für Elektrische Energietechnik
University of Applied Science Nordwestern Switzerland
Klosterzelgstrasse 2
CH-5210 Windisch