Writing papers for IFAC meetings

This information has been provided to assist authors submitting papers to IFAC meetings. Using this information you will be able to prepare your paper in the appropriate form for inclusion in the meeting Proceedings.

Proceedings of IFAC meetings are published electronically on the IFAC-PapersOnLine.net site. In order to ensure that your paper can be easily located and read anywhere in the world, it is necessary that the paper file complies with all the format requirements which are detailed in the instructions for authors.

Please notice that the size of the paper must not exceed:

  • 6 pages for regular papers (lecture or paper presentations);
  • 12 pages for plenary papers;
  • 18 pages for keynote papers.

You should assume that your paper is a regular paper unless you have been told otherwise. In addition to the page limit, there is a limit to the size of the paper file, which is currently set to 1.5 MB. Check the home page of the meeting for particular page length of file size restrictions.

In order to be published in the meeting Proceedings, you must transfer the copyright of your paper to IFAC using a Copyright Transfer Form. The form has to be filed at the time of submitting the final version of the paper. See the IFAC Copyright Conditions for more information.

The material submitted for presentation at IFAC meetings must be original, not published or being considered for publication elsewhere. Full responsibility for the paper rests with the author, who must have taken the necessary steps to obtain permission to use any material that might be protected by copyright.