Call for presidential candidates

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the 2022 Council meeting IFAC will vote for a site for the 24th IFAC World Congress in 2029, as well as selecting a prospective President for the triennium 2026-2029. It is the first time there will be two separate votes, one for the Congress location (in the 2nd round are Italy, the Netherlands, and the USA), and one for the President position. All NMOs can propose a presidential candidate, in conjunction or not with bidsfor the Congress location.

I hereby invite you as the National Member Organizations to propose, if you wish, a candidate for
the presidency of IFAC for 2026-2029.

The criteria are as follows:

  • Scientific and managerial leadership qualities as well as working knowledge of English of the proposed President
  • High international scientific standing of the proposed President as well as his/her capacity for dedicated and time-consuming work on IFAC matters over a number of years before, during and after the presidency, in addition to other responsibilities
  • Participation of the proposed President in IFAC in the past.

Please note that Article 17 (b) of the IFAC Constitution states “Only those who have been elected
or appointed for at least a total of two terms in one or several of the following offices
o Council member
o Technical, Conference or Publications Board member
o Technical Committee chair
o Executive Committee member (including chairs)
may be elected to the offices of President and President Elect. Normally the President Elect, after
serving in this capacity for one term, will be elected to the office of President for the next term.”

Those NMOs who wish to submit a proposal for the 2026-2029 President should provide a 2-page CV
(focus on IFAC activities) and a brief (limited to one A4 page) application statement/motivation letter about the candidate (in total maximum 3-pages), to reach the IFAC Secretariat by

24 March 2022.

Preliminary discussions will take place at the 2022 IFAC Officers meeting in Vienna (early April 2022).
Applications will be disclosed to the IFAC Council members by May 2022. At the Council 2022 meeting
(London, UK, in conjunction with the ECC, Council meeting held on July 13), after the decision on the 2029 Congress location is made, presidential candidates will be given the opportunity to present their candidacy and to answer questions from Council members. A vote will then determine the President Elect for 2023-2026, to be proposed as President before the General Assembly in 2026.

Best regards,
Hajime Asama

If you have any questions, please contact the .