Control Conference Africa (CCA) MOU signed

IFAC (The International Federation of Automatic Control) and SASAC (South African Council for Automation and Control) have recently signed a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) for the Control Conference Africa. This agreement allows for permanent IFAC co-sponsorship of the Control Conference Africa event series. The Control Conference Africa is a conference which is intended to bring together the control community on the African continent.

The MOU was signed by IFAC President Hajime Asama (JP) and SASAC President John Burchell (ZA). The agreement contains topics including event branding and communication, quality control, fees, and gentleperson’s agreements (such as the Code of Conduct and attempting to avoid date/scheduling overlaps).

The next Control Conference Africa (in cooperation with IFAC) - CCA 2021 is scheduled to take place in Magalies, South Africa from 7-8 December 2021. CCA 2021 is currently listed as part of the „Upcoming Events“ on the IFAC website and in the IFAC Newsletter. Further details will be provided on the CCA website as soon as it is available.

SASAC is the South African IFAC NMO (National Member Organization.) Further information about SASAC and its activities can be found on its website at: