IFAC 2020 videos on YouTube

We are very happy to inform you that most of the 2020 World Congress plenary, panel sessions and other videos have been published on the IFAC YouTube channel. There is a separate 21st IFAC World Congress, Berlin (Germany) 2020 playlist. Each panel discussion is linked in the last 15-20 seconds of the corresponding session.

Here's the link to the playlist:


Special thanks goes to the IPC co-chairs, Sandra Hirche and Rolf Findeisen for providing the videos, to Julian Berberich (University of Stuttgart) for the help with gathering the release forms and editing the videos as well as Chantel Lapins (IFAC YouTube editor) for her prompt action and uploading the videos to the IFAC channel.

For further news please check the IFAC 2020 webpage: https://www.ifac2020.org/