IFAC Fellows and Major Awards Call

Nomination calls and materials for the 2020-2023 IFAC Fellows and IFAC Major Awards (Nichols Medal, Thoma Medal, Quazza Medal, Industrial Achievement Award and High Impact Paper Award) are now available! Nominations and references must be submitted via the PaperCept submission system.


If you do not already have user information for PaperCept you can obtain it by visiting the website http://ifac.papercept.net/conferences/scripts/start.pl.

The IFAC Fellow award provides a distinction of excellence in the Federation and is conferred on a triennial basis to a small number of outstanding scientists or engineers. Members of the IFAC Council, Fellow Search Committee or Fellow Selection Committee are not eligible to serve as nominators or references.

IFAC Fellow nominations are due by February 1, 2022. IFAC Fellow references are due by March 1, 2022.

The call for Fellow Nominations, the Nominator Information, as well as the Reference Information are available at the IFAC website at:


The Nomination Forms and Reference Forms must be submitted via the PaperCept submission system:


The IFAC Major Awards are:

Nichols Medal: Recognizes outstanding contributions of an individual to design methods, software tools and instrumentation, or to significant projects resulting in major applications and advancement of control engineering.

Thoma Medal: Recognizes outstanding contributions of a young researcher and/or engineer under the age of 40 to the field of systems and control in its widest sense.

Quazza Medal Recognizes outstanding lifetime contributions of a researcher and/or engineer to conceptual foundations in the field of systems and control.

Industrial Achievement Award: This is an IFAC award to an individual, or a team of individuals, who has made a significant contribution to industrial applications of control. The award is given in technical fields covered by IFAC.

High Impact Paper Award: This award acknowledges the impact of a paper published in any of the official IFAC journals on the broad areas of Automatic Control theory and application.

Major Award nominations are due by February 15, 2022, with references due by March 15, 2022. All Major Awards will be presented by the IFAC President at the Opening Ceremony of the 2023 IFAC World Congress in July 2023 in Yokohama, JP.

The Call for Nominations for the IFAC Major Awards is available at:


The reference forms for the IFAC Major Awards are available at:


The Nomination package and Reference Forms must be submitted via the PaperCept submission system


Every individual can act as nominator or referee, with the exception of members of the corresponding Major Award Selection Committee, the Major Awards Search Committee, IFAC Executive Officers and members of the IFAC Council. Self-nominations are not allowed. It may be useful to consider the list of past winners on the IFAC Website at


To check the eligibility of a potential nominator and/or reference please visit


IFAC Fellow and IFAC Major Award winners will be presented with their awards at the IFAC World Congress 2023, which is scheduled to take place in Yokohama, JP in July 2023.