Scam message (purportedly sent by Hajime Asama)

Dear IFAC Officials,

We have heard that some of you may have again received a scam message purportedly sent by Prof. Hajime Asama. It's a customized message to the recipient including your name.

This message is not from our President, Prof. Hajime Asama and was not sent from an account affiliated with him or IFAC.

The used e-mail address is not Prof. Hajime Asama’s e-mail address.

PLEASE DO NOT REACT AT ALL to the e-mail and don't reply.

Taken action: In an effort to combat the spam/phishing messages IFAC has removed the email addresses of IFAC officials from the list of officials (listed under structure).

If you want to contact an IFAC official and do not have their address and/or do not find it from another source you can click on the email link next to their name in the list of officials. The email will go to the IFAC Secretariat, who can then forward the message on to the respective person.

Please note that the spam messages have NOT been sent from IFAC email addresses, servers, etc. and that IFAC internal information has not been compromised.