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Information for IFAC authors

This information has been provided to assist authors submitting papers to IFAC meetings. Using this information you will be able to prepare your paper in the appropriate form for inclusion in the meeting Proceedings.
Instructions for authors
Simplified guidelines for authors submitting papers to IFAC events.
Writing IFAC papers using LaTeX
Advice for preparing papers for IFAC scientific events using LaTeX
File ZIP archive IFAC LaTeX package
IFAC LaTeX style and template for papers submitted to IFAC technical meetings
File ZIP archive
Writing IFAC papers using MS Word
File ZIP archive IFAC Word package
IFAC MS Word template for papers submitted to IFAC technical meetings
Detailed format specifications
All papers submitted to IFAC technical meetings must comply with the IFAC paper layout. Templates for common word processors are available on the IFAC "Information for authors" web page.
Detailed PDF specifications
PDF files can only be included in IFAC-PapersOnLine if they have all the required characteristics.
File PDF document Sample IFAC paper
This is sample file that illustrates the required format for IFAC papers.
How to check your PDF paper file
You can use Acrobat Reader to check if your PDF paper file complies with the IFAC PDF requirements.
File PDF document IFAC keywords (printable format)
List of IFAC keywords in a PDF file
IFAC list of control terminology (keywords)
This keyword list has been provided by IFAC for authors of all IFAC meeting papers. Keywords in all meeting papers should be taken from this list.
File PDF document Publication Ethics Guidelines
This document presents the perspective of IFAC on ethical guidelines for editors, reviewers, and authors. The purpose of these guidelines is to define generally agreed upon rules and minimal standards for the proper scientific conduct with respect to scholarly publications represented by IFAC.
IFAC copyright conditions
Please also take note of the IFAC copyright conditions.