Distinguished Lecturer Program

The IFAC Distinguished Lecturer Program was approved by IFAC Council at its meeting during the 2020 IFAC World Congress. This program provides for the appointment of eight Pawel J. Nowacki Distinguished Lecturers for each triennium. These Distinguished Lecturers are appointed by the IFAC Council Executive on recommendation from the IFAC Distinguished Lecturer Committee. The aim of the program is for IFAC to enable researchers working in developing countries to hear lectures from the top researchers in our field. The eight Pawel J Nowacki Distinguished Lecturers are

  • Hideaki Ishii, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Mustafa Khammash, ETH
  • Na Li, Harvard University
  • Kirsten Morris, University of Waterloo
  • Bruno Siciliano, University of Naples Federico II
  • Lucy Pao, University of Colorado
  • Eduardo Sontag, Northeastern University
  • Feiyue Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
List of the IFAC Distinguished Lecturer for 2023-2026:
  • Marija Ilic (USA)
  • Mihoko Niitsuma (Japan)
  • Sophie Tarbouriech (France)
  • Lei Guo (China)
  • Hyungbo Shim (Korea)
  • Geoff Chase (New Zealand)
  • Alexandre Dolgui (France)
  • Larry Stapleton (Ireland)

The lecturers serve a term of one triennium during which time they are expected to give at least one lecture. As in the 2020-2023 triennium no lecture took place, they will serve for another term.

The lectures must be given in a developing country, often in conjunction with a local conference. IFAC provides a contribution towards the travel expenses for each lecture. Potential hosts of distinguished lectures in developing countries are encouraged to contact the lecturers directly about the possibility of hosting a lecture. Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, no Distinguished Lectures have yet been held for this triennium but we are hoping that all of the lecturers will be able to present at least one lecture between now and the next IFAC World Congress.

If you are an conference organizer in a developing country, you have the possibility of hosting an IFAC Distinguished Lecturer which will be at least partially funded by IFAC. For further information, please contact the committee chair, .