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IFAC Fellows

The IFAC Fellow Award is given to persons who have made outstanding and extraordinary contributions in the field of interest of IFAC, in the role as an Engineer/Scientist, Technical Leader, or Educator.

The first Fellows were elected at the IFAC World Congress in Prague in July 2005.


The Fellow Selection Committee (FSC) for the period 2014 - 2017 consists of:

Robert Bitmead (Chair),  Christos Cassandras, Lei Guo, Davor Hrovat, Lucy Pao, Mustafa Khammash, Wook-Hyun Kwon, Sigurd Skogestad, and Robert Tempo.

Starting from this triennium there is also a separate "Fellow Search Committee", chaired by Alberto Isidori and the following members: Tamer Basar, Eduardo Camacho, Tohru Katayama. This additional group was formed to help finding suitable canditates to nominate as Fellows.


Fellows elected for the period 2011 - 2014

Benveniste, Albert

For fundamental contributions to stochastic systems theory, and for connecting control, signal processing, and real-time software development.


Bokor, József

For important results in identification, modeling and robust control of multivariable, nonlinear, stochastic systems and applications in nuclear power generation, control of vehicles and
transportation systems.


Bonvin, Dominique

For fundamental contributions to chemical process control, in particular in the field of batch processes.

Chen, Tongwen

For seminal contributions to the theory and applications of computer control systems and networked control.


De Souza, Carlos Emanuel

For fundamental contributions to robust control and filtering, time-delay systems and Riccati Equations.


Doyle, John C.

For fundamental contributions to robust control theory and to the theory of complex networks, and their application in engineering and in the physical and biological sciences.


Ghosh, Bijoy Kumar

For seminal contributions to dynamic modeling in machine vision, biology and biomedical science.


Huang, Lin

For fundamental contributions to linear quadratic optimal control, the theory of robust stability of families of polynomials, and pole assignment.


Jiang, Zhong-Ping

For fundamental contributions to nonlinear control theory and design, and applications to underactuated mechanical, communications and biological systems.


Khargonekar, Pramod P.

For fundamental contributions to the theory and practice of robust and H-infinity control.


Leonard, Naomi E.

For fundamental contributions to nonlinear control and to the theory of multi-agent system dynamics and cooperative sampling by mobile sensor networks.


Maciejowski, Jan

For contributions to research and teaching in model predictive control, multivariable control, system Identification and fault-tolerant control. 


Middleton, Richard Hume

For outstanding contributions to the analysis of performance limitations and the impact of limited information in control systems.


Mitter, Sanjoy

For fundamental contributions to nonlinear filtering, stochastic control, optimization, optimal control, hybrid systems theory, and the unification of communication and control.


Morse, A. Stephen

For pioneering the geometric approach to linear multivariable control synthesis and for fundamental contributions to adaptive control theory and multi-agents dynamical systems theory.


Pao, Lucy

For important contributions to multi-sensor fusion, control of flexible structures, and the control of complex energy systems.


Papageorgiou, Markos

For seminal contributions to modeling, control and optimization of transport systems and water networks.


Pasik-Duncan, Bozenna

For important contributions to stochastic adaptive control, inspiring vision of control as a field that spans science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and for her commitment to control education.


Petersen, Ian R.

For fundamental contributions to the theory of robust control systems and quantum control.  

Praly, Laurent

For fundamental contributions to adaptive control, observer design, and stabilization and output regulation for nonlinear systems by state and output feedback.  

Qin, Sizhao Joe

For important contributions to data-driven statistical process monitoring and fault diagnosis and to the unification of different methods and applications of model predictive control.


Saberi, Ali

For fundamental contributions to robust control, nonlinear control, and the control of linear systems under control constraints.


Skogestad, Sigurd

For fundamental contributions to robust process control and to control structure selection and controller design.


Sontag, Eduardo

For pioneering contributions to the analysis and design of nonlinear control systems.


Spong, Mark

For fundamental contributions to nonlinear control of robots and teleoperation.


Sun, Youxian

For important contributions to industrial control and sustained exceptional leadership in the development of Chinese control and automation technologies.


Terwiesch, Peter

For leadership in the automation industries.

Verhaegen, Michael

For important scientific contributions in subspace identification, fault tolerant control, and the application of data driven control to high resolution imaging systems and wind energy.


Willems, Jan C.

For numerous fundamental contributions to systems and control theory.


Yamamoto, Yutaka

For fundamental contributions to sampled-data control, signal processing, and infinite-dimensional systems.


Zhou, Kemin

For important contributions to robust and optimal control.


Zhou, Mengchu

For seminal contributions to the theory of Petri nets and their application in manufacturing, transportation, and web services.





Fellows elected in 2011

  • Baillieul, John
  • Bamieh, Bassam
  • Bhattacharyya, Shanker P.
  • Bristol, Edgar H.
  • Chen, Jie
  • Colaneri, Patrizio
  • Christofides, Panagiotis
  • Krener, Arthur
  • Lee, Jay
  • Lin, Zongli
  • Moheimani, Reza
  • Song, Jian
  • Xie, Lihua


Fellows elected in 2010

  • Antsaklis, Panos
  • Banda, Siva
  • Barmish, Ross
  • Byrnes, Chris*
  • Dai, Ruwai
  • Dochain, Denis
  • Duncan, Tyrone
  • Ge, Shuzi Sam
  • Grizzle, Jessy
  • Hara, Shinji
  • Khammash, Mustafa
  • Kwon, Wook-Hyun
  • Qiu, Li
  • Lindquist, Anders
  • Teel, Andrew
  • Tomizuka, Masayoshi
  • Ulsoy, Ali

* By decision of the IFAC Council, Chris Byrnes was elected Fellow posthumously, as he sadly passed away in the evaluation period of the Award.


Fellows elected in 2009

  • Doyle, Frank
  • Fleming, Peter
  • Guzzella, Lino
  • Huang, Jie
  • Irwin, George
  • Katayama, Tohru
  • Picci, Giorgio
  • Siciliano, Bruno
  • Tarn, Tzyh Jong


Fellows elected in 2008

  • Bittanti, Sergio
  • Braatz, Richard
  • Camacho, Eduardo
  • Cao, Xi-Ren
  • Cassandras, Christos
  • Chai, Tian-You
  • Cheng, Dai-Zhan
  • Edgar, Thomas
  • Gottzein Eveline
  • Haddad, Abraham
  • Krstic, Miroslav
  • Kurzhanski Alexander
  • Lewis, Frank
  • Morari, Manfred
  • Safonov, Michael
  • Vicino, Antonio

Fellows elected in 2007

  • Allgöwer, Frank
  • Cruz, Joe
  • Dion, Jean Michel
  • Georgakis, Christos
  • Khalil, Hassan
  • Kimura, Hidenori
  • Kucera, Vladimir,
  • Landau, Ioan
  • Lei, Guo
  • Marquardt, Wolfgang
  • Mosca, Edoardo
  • Tempo, Roberto
  • Van den Hof, Paul
  • Wang, Fei-Yue

Fellows elected in 2006

  • Albertos, Pedro
  • Athans, Michael
  • Balchen, Jens
  • Chen, Han-Fu
  • Engell, Sebastian
  • Findeisen, Wladyslaw
  • Furuta, Katushisa
  • Gevers, Michel
  • Guardabassi, Guido
  • Hrovat, Davor
  • Ioannou, Petros
  • Masten, Michael
  • Mayne,David
  • McAvoy,Thomas
  • Polyak, Boris
  • Söderström, Torsten


Fellows elected in 2005

  • Ackermann, Jürgen
  • Anderson, Brian
  • Aström, Karl
  • Araki, Mituhiko
  • Basar, Tamer
  • Basanez, Luis
  • Benes, Jiri
  • Bernussou, Jacques
  • Bitmead, Robert
  • Davison, Edward J.
  • Gertler, János
  • Goodwin, Graham
  • Isermann, Rolf
  • Isidori, Alberto
  • Kahne, Stephen
  • Kokotovic, Petar
  • Kwakernaak, Huibert
  • Ljung, Lennart
  • Mansour, Mohamed
  • Nett, Carl
  • Niemi, Antti
  • Powers, William F.
  • Puente, Juan A. de la
  • Sawaragi, Yoshikazu
  • Schaufelberger, Walter
  • Stein, Gunter
  • Thoma, Manfred
  • Vámos, Tibor
  • Uronen, Paavo
  • Xiong, Fan Lun