Congress Prizes

Young Author Prize (YAP)

This prize, created in 1986, is awarded at IFAC World Congresses for the best paper of which the first and presenting author is younger than 30 years.


YearCongress siteWinnerCountry
1987 Munich H. Kasahara, H. Fujii, M. Iwata: Parallel Processing of Robot Simulation JP
1990 Tallinn R. Kulhavy: Differential Geometry of Recursive Nonlinear Estimation CZ
1993 Sydney L. Guo: The Logarithm Law of Self Tuning Regulators CN
1996 San Francisco L. Pao: Input Shaping Design for Flexible Systems with Multiple Actuators US
K.H. JOHANSSON; A. RANTZER: Global analysis of third-order relay feedback systems SE
1999 Beijing Y. Hong: H-infinity control, stabilization and input-output stability of nonlinear systems based on homogeneous techniques US
2002 Barcelona DANIEL LIBERZON: Stabilization by Quantized State or Output Feedback: A Hybrid Control Approach US
2005 Prague LEI ZHANG, DIMITRIOS HRISTU-VARSAKELIS: Stabilization of Networked Control Systems: Designing Effective Communication Sequences JP
SATORU SAKAI, KENJI FUJIMOTO: Dynamic Output Feedback Stabilization of a Class of Nonholonomic Hamiltonian Systems US
2008 Seoul Lachlan Blackhall & Michael Rotkowitz: Recursive Sparse Estimation using a Gaussian Sum Filter AU
2011 Milan Jing Zhang, Re-Bing Wu: Coherent Nonlinear Feedback Control of Quantum Systems with Applications to Quantum Optics on Chip CN
2014 Cape Town Pontus Giselsson: Improved Fast Dual Gradient Methods for Embedded Model Predictive Control SE
2017 Toulouse Raik Suttner: Exponential Stability for Extremum Seeking Control Systems DE
Luca Deori: On the Connection between Nash Equilibria and Social Optima in Electric Vehicle Charging Control Games IT
2020 Berlin Luca Ballotta: From Sensor to Processing Networks: Optimal Estimation with
Computation and Communication Latency

Application Paper Prize

The Application Paper Prize, created in 1986,is awarded at IFAC World Congresses for the best Applications Paper.


YearCongress siteWinnerCountry
1987 Munich Not Awarded: Candidates for APP were published in Newsletters, 6, 1987
1990 Tallinn S.M. Meerkov, F. Top: Asymptotically Reliable Serial Lines: Analysis, Synthesis and a Case Study US
1993 Sydney M. Nakamoto, K. Shimizu, H. Fukuda: Multivariable Control for a Combined Cycle Power Plant JP
1996 San Francisco J.M. Seem: A New Pattern Recognition Adaptive Controller US
1999 Beijing J.F. Magni, C. Doll, C. Chiappa, B. Frapard, B. Girouart: Mixed mu Analysis for Flexible Systems (I and II) FR
2002 Barcelona JOACHIM HORN, JOACHIM BAMBERGER, PETER MICHAU AND STEPHAN PINDL: Flatness-Based Clutch Control for Automated Manual Transmissions DE
STAFFAN HAUGWITZ, PER HAGANDER: Process Control of an Open Plate Reactor SE
2008 Seoul Christian Benatzky, Martin Kozek, Alexander Schirrer, & Anton Stribersky: Vibration Damping of a Flexible Car Body Structure Using Piezo-Stack Actuators AT
2011 Milan J.M. Godhavn, A. Pavlov, G.Ol Kaasa, L.R. Rolland: Drilling Seeking Automatic Control Solutions NO
2014 Cape Town C. Casenave, D. Dochain, J. Harmand, M. Perez, A. Rapaport, J-M. Sablayrolles: Control of a Multi-stage Continuous Fermentor for the Study of the Wine Fermentation. FR
2017 Toulouse D. Moser, M. Reiter and L. del Re: Stochasic Modeling of Lane Changes for Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control AT
2020 Berlin A. D. Bonzanini, J.A. Paulson, D. B. Graves and A. Mesbah: Toward Safe Dose Delivery in Plasma Medicine using Projected Neural Network-based Fast Approximate NMPC US

IFAC Congress Interactive Paper Prize

This prize is awarded at IFAC World Congresses for the best interactive paper/poster. Candidates for this prize are nominated by a selection committee appointed by IFAC. A list of the past winners can be found here.



Candidates for the above-mentioned prizes are nominated by a selection committee appointed by the Council. The prizes consist of a monetary prize and a certificate.