TC Awards

For TC Chairs who would like to establish and propose new TC awards.

Following the decision of the IFAC Council in September 2018, to allow TC’s to establish TC Awards that are officially referred to as IFAC TC Awards, TC’s have been invited to submit proposals for such awards.

Jointly with the TB and the Awards Chair, the policy and procedure for establishing TC- Awards have been specified and approved in the IFAC Officers Meeting of April 2019 (see below).

14 TC Awards from 11 TCs were formally approved by the TB:

TC nr TC name Award title Type of award
1.1 Modelling, Identification and Signal Processing IFAC TC Award on System Identification Publication
1.2 Adaptive and Learning Systems  IFAC TC Award on Adaptive and Learning Systems  Career
2.2 Linear Control Systems IFAC TC Award: Delay Systems Life Achievement Award Career
  IFAC TC Award:System Structure and Control Life time Achievement Award Career
2.3 Non-Linear Control Systems IFAC TC Award on Non-Linear Control Systems Career
2.6 Distributed parameter systems IFAC TC Award for Control of Distributed Parameter Systems Research contribution
3.3 Telematics: Control via Communication Networks IFAC TC Award Best Technology Paper in Telematics Application Conference paper
4.2 Mechatronic Systems IFAC TC Award: Mechatronics Systems Life Time Achievement Award Career
  IFAC TC Award: Mechatronics Systems Outstanding Investigator Award Career
  IFAC TC Award: Mechatronics Systems Outstanding Young Researcher Award Career


Robotics IFAC TC Award: Robotics Lifetime Achievement Award Career


IFAC TC Award: Robotics Outstanding Investigator Award Research excellence
IFAC TC Award: Robotics Young Researcher Award Early career research excellence


Enterprise Interation and Networking IFAC TC Award for Systems Integration and Interoperability Publication
8.2 Biological and Medical Systems  IFAC TC Award for excellence in Biological and Medical systems research Research excellence +service
9.1 Economic, Business, and Financial Systems IFAC TC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Social Computing and Cyber Physical Social Systems (CPSS) Research contribution
9.4 Control Education IFAC TC Award: Control Education Life Time Achievement Career

For additional information please contact Jie Chen