IFAC e-mail aliases

Register an IFAC e-mail address for free, an e-mail address that you can keep wherever you are situated or affiliated with.

An IFAC email address is an email forwarding address/alias that doesn’t change, even if your email provider, place of employment, etc. does change. Emails sent to an IFAC email address forward to an email account of your choosing. You can access emails sent to your IFAC email address in the same way you access your other emails, with no need to check or maintain an additional email account.

  • IFAC does not store the emails sent to IFAC email aliases or have any access to them in any way.
  • The email aliases end in the domain name:@ifac-mail.org
  • Examples for the email aliases will be automatically generated factoring in the first and last names of the affiliate.
  • You may configure your favorite mail application for sending emails with your @ifac-mail.org address using your own mail server (no support from the secretariat for this feature).

To begin the process of registering for an IFAC email alias please go to the following link and follow the step-by-step instructions:


  • Step 1: You will need to enter the email address with which you are registered as an IFAC affiliate. If you are unsure you may be able to find this info from your last IFAC Newsletter email. Otherwise please .
  • Step 2: Choose from the proposed email aliases. The system will generate some possibilities based on your first and last names and you will need to choose one of the possibilities. You can only pick from the suggested possibilities. Please note: Due to the grounds of safety and protection from misuse it is not possible to manually input a different email address!
  • Step 3: Confirm your choice of email address.The system displays the IFAC email address of your choice and the target address. Please review your choice carefully before confirmation.
  • Step 4: Final information screen. Your IFAC email address will be immediately functional. If you have any questions or need any assistance with this matter please  via email.