Symposia, Conferences, Workshops and Congresses


Triennial Congresses are organized on a worldwide scale, with attendance up to 3.000 persons. They are held in the home-country of the President in office during the third year of his/her term of office. Location and dates of forthcoming and past congresses are shown below. As a rule, no Symposia or Conferences take place in the year of the Congress, and also the number of Workshops is restricted in order to avoid conflicting dates.

Forthcoming Congresses

Past congresses:


An IFAC Symposium is a technical meeting covering a well defined theme of Control Engineering. Symposia on the same subject are arranged as a regular series, usually on a triennial basis. They are organized by a host country National Member Organisation (NMO) and are scientifically assisted by those IFAC Technical Committees (TCs) which take an active interest in the selected topics of the meeting. Attendance usually ranges between 100 and 500 participants. IFAC maintains a Masterplan for future symposia activities, as described in the Organizer Guide.


An IFAC Conference is a technical meeting of about the same scope and size as a Symposium but it is not necessarily part of a series of events. Conferences may also cover topics that are more specialized.


An IFAC Workshop is a more informal and less structured meeting than a Symposium or a Conference. It usually has a narrower scope and a more limited attendance (between 50 and 100 participants). However, provisions for the host country National Member Organisation (NMO) acting as organizer, for the scientific support by the appropriate Technical Committees (TCs) and for co-sponsorship by other scientific organizations are similar to those for Symposia.


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