Ways of Participation

IFAC activities are for everyone interested in control engineering research, development and education.

About fifty National Member Organizations (NMOs) are involved in promoting and developing the area of control by organizing technical meetings and by publishing control literature - including, IFAC Journals and Proceedings of IFAC Meetings. 

IFAC can be reached: 

Involvement in Technical Committees

For membership in a Technical Committee (TC), there are different paths:

  • An individual may write a letter to the Secretariat, which will forward it to the respective TC Chair.
  • A nomination may also be made by a National Member Organization (NMO), with an informal letter of application that is sent to the Chair of the TC via the Secretariat.
  • You can also contact the TC Chair and the TC members directly at IFAC events organised by the TC. The TCs usually hold meetings at such events which are usually open to interested participants. The Chairs of the TCs are listed in the IFAC TCs page and their addresses can be obtained from the Secretariat.

Individual involvement in IFAC: becoming an Affiliate

Anyone interested in Control Engineering may become an IFAC Affiliate. IFAC Affiliates receive the IFAC Newsletter free of charge. The Newsletter contains information about IFAC technical meetings as well as about other matters of interest to the control community. IFAC Affiliates will also receive Calls for Papers for technical meetings in their selected areas of interest and are entitled to a special rate for subscriptions to the IFAC Journals. On-line registration as an Affiliate is possible from the IFAC homepage.

After your registration as an IFAC affiliate you can write to the following e-mail address and note that you qualify for the IFAC special rate of subscription to IFAC journals.

You can register for free as an Affiliate using the on-line on the Affiliates Portal.

For any additional information, please contact the Secretariat.