IFAC's Technical Committees (TCs) are responsible for the technical areas covered by IFAC, which are specialized topics in control engineering. The technical areas are placed into nine groups, called Coordinating Committees (CCs) where each technical area within a CC coincides with a TC. The scope of each technical area can be viewed here.


CC 1 - Systems and Signals

Alessandro Chiuso

TC 1.1. Modelling, Identification and Signal Processing Guillaume Mercère
TC 1.2. Adaptive and Learning Systems Tiago Roux Oliveira
TC 1.3. Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems Carla Seatzu
TC 1.4. Stochastic Systems Yilin Mo
TC 1.5. Networked Systems Luca Schenato

CC 2 - Design Methods

Laura Menini

TC 2.1. Control Design Sergio Galeani
TC 2.2. Linear Control Systems Elena Zattoni
TC 2.3. Non-Linear Control Systems Hiroshi Ito
TC 2.4. Optimal Control Gabriele Pannocchia
TC 2.5. Robust Control Constantino Lagoa
TC 2.6. Distributed Parameter Systems Yann Le Gorrec

CC 3 - Computers, Cognition and Communication

Thierry Marie Guerra

TC 3.1. Computers for Control Mike Barth
TC 3.2. Computational Intelligence in Control Kevin Guelton
TC 3.3. Telematics: Control via Communication Networks Lei Ma

CC 4 - Mechatronics, Robotics and Components

Reza Moheimani

TC 4.1. Human Machine Systems Sören Hohmann
TC 4.2. Mechatronic Systems Wolfgang Kemmetmüller
TC 4.3. Robotics Kyoungchul Kong

CC 5 - Cyber-Physical Manufacturing Enterprises

Dmitry Ivanov

TC 5.1. Manufacturing Plant Control Marco Macchi
TC 5.2. Management and Control in Manufacturing and Logistics Fabio Sgarbossa
TC 5.3. Integration and Interoperability of Enterprise Systems (I2ES) Li Qing
TC 5.4. Large Scale Complex Systems Wei Ren

CC 6 - Process and Power Systems

Rolf Findeisen

TC 6.1. Chemical Process Control Jong Min Lee
TC 6.2. Mining, Mineral and Metal Processing Chris Aldrich
TC 6.3. Power and Energy Systems Michela Robba
TC 6.4. Fault Detection,Supervision&Safety of Techn.Processes-SAFEPROCESS Vicenc Puig Cayuela

CC 7 - Transportation and Vehicle Systems

Roberto Galeazzi

TC 7.1. Automotive Control Lars Eriksson
TC 7.2. Marine Systems Andrea Monteriu
TC 7.3. Aerospace Paolo Castaldi
TC 7.4. Transportation Systems Tankut Acarman
TC 7.5. Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles Zdzislaw Kowalczuk

CC 8 - Bio- and Ecological Systems

Ronald van Nooijen

TC 8.1. Control in Agriculture Timo Oksanen
TC 8.2. Biological and Medical Systems Balazs Benyo
TC 8.3. Modelling and Control of Environmental Systems Marialuisa Volta
TC 8.4. Biosystems and Bioprocesses Jesus Pico i Marco

CC 9 - Social Systems

Fei-Yue Wang

TC 9.1. Economic, Business, and Financial Systems Xiao Wang
TC 9.2. Systems and Control for Societal Impact Mariana Netto
TC 9.3. Control for Smart Cities Xiaoyu Cao
TC 9.4. Control Education Antonio Visioli
TC 9.5. Technology, Culture and International Stability (TECIS) Bahadur Ibrahimov