IFAC Conference App

Service to IFAC Event Organizers:
The IFAC Conference App is an IFAC Brand App for mobile devices and computers where all IFAC events will appear in one and the same "home" environment. IFAC covers the costs for the basic features, including the IFAC-SMS (ifac.papercept.net) costs. IFAC thus provides this service free of charge to all IFAC event organizers.

Basic features of the App that are included in the contract are:

  • Access to technical program
  • Access to full papers
  • Search facilities on technical program and papers/authors
  • Vote, Q&A, rating functionality for interactive sessions
  • Room plan of conference location
  • Creating personalized program (My program)
  • Other meeting schedules and social program
  • Welcome address and local information
  • Native app for iOS and Android and web-based app per event
  • Connections with social networks
  • Peer to peer communication

The IFAC App which operates both on mobile devices and on any computer via Web Browsers fully replaces paper versions of the events booklets and USB-disks.

The IFAC App is powered by Conference Compass, selected after an evaluation phase of different solutions. See www.conference-compass.com for detailed information about the Conference Compass solutions.

The current contract with Conference Compass allows for an upgrade of facilities to fully support hybrid and online events, of which the additional costs are specified as € 3.50 - € 5.00 per participant per event-day, dependent on the size of the event. This additional service can be booked by event organizers and the related costs need to be covered from the event budget.

Extra features to support virtual/hybrid events (not included in IFAC contract but that event organizers can get from Conference Compass at a special rate) are:

  • Moderated sessions with speaker live stream and slides; speaker can be physically present,  online, or have pre-recorded video, including audience participation (Q&A, voting, chatting, networking, etc.). Dedicated moderator facilities.
  • Poster presentations; poster presenter with uploaded poster/video; attendees participate with camera and mic.
  • Round table discussion; host controls the meeting; attendees participate with camera and mic
  • One-to-one private meetings, including sharing desktop, scheduling of meetings.
  • All facilities integrated in event programme.

Note: Per event, no later than 3 months prior to the start of the event, the basic information about the event (full and short name, set-up, location, country, etc) has to be sent from IFAC to Conference Compass in order to further proceed. That means please contact us as soon as you decided to use the app.

Extra Services need to be booked and confirmed (signed contract) no later than 3 months prior to the start of the event. Therefore, please make sure that you contact us timely in advance!

Prof. Paula Rocha (member of the newly established Conference Board that Prof. Richard Braatz as VP Conferences is chairing) is the IFAC central contact person for the App and acts as intermediate between Conference Compass and the event organizers.  

If you are interested in using the app for your forthcoming event, please contact Paula Rocha: 

For users - conference participants:
How to download:

Google Play Store:

Apple Store:
Web version:
You can also search for ‘IFAC' in the Apple App Store or in Google Play Store.

You can use this app for all forthcoming IFAC events you are attending.
New service: The Conference App uses the same log in as the IFAC Affiliates Portal.

If you have any questions, please contact the .