Technology, Culture and International Stability - 16th TECIS 2015™

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When Sep 24, 2015 02:05 PM Sep 27, 2015 02:05 PM to
Where Sozopol, BULGARIA
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It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the 16th IFAC Conference on Technoligy, Culture and International Stability - TECIS 2015, which aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from industry and academia to give an overview of the state of the art, to present new research results and to exchange ideas and experiences in the field of international stability.




Control and automation technologies can be used to improve the conditions in less developed regions by helping to create jobs and improving inflows of wealth. They can be also used to improve agriculture and to provide medical services in unstable regions.

Technology development leads to dramatic changes in international stability. It has never been so important to examine system stability. During recent years social international and national systems of control have been shown to be inadequate and prone to be fundamental and most basic instable. Many basic assumptions are no longer certain and are definitely questioned. This event will systematically examine topics associated with these issues.

Whilst TECIS 2015 will accept any papers within the scope of the event (see below) the conference is particularly concerned with the role of Cost Oriented Automation as a way of improving international stability, through its applications, technologies, processes and as part of larger systems contexts. With the current new technological developments and emerging trends the importance of the cost-oriented automation has increased significantly and may have a lasting impact on the society and international stability. After a sequence of successful symposia on "Low Cost Automation" (1986 - 2004) and on "Cost-Oriented Automation" or "Affordable Automation Systems" (2007 - 2010) this conference aims to provide a place for the specialists in the field to discuss new methods for reducing the cost of automation systems considering not only the development and application of low cost components of control systems, but the control aspects of their life cycle regarding design, production, operating, maintenance, reconfiguration and recycling.




Whilst this conference is particularly interested to attract papers which address cost-oriented issues, the IPC will consider any papers within the scope of TC 9.5. The scope includes, but is not limited to:

  • Control and Automation Applications Designed to Improve Stability
  • Social Networks
  • Managing the Introduction of Technological Change to Improve Stability
  • Technological Applications in Post-conflict Regions
  • Architecture and Software Tools for Enterprise Integration and Networking
  • Cost Oriented Automation: modularity, flexibility
  • Cost Reduction with E-Maintenance Systems
  • SME-oriented Automation and Decision Support Systems
  • Control of Biotechnological Processes
  • Semi-Automated Assembly and Disassembly
  • Cost Oriented Automation in Mining, Agriculture and Transportation
  • Efficient Use of Intelligent Machinery
  • Advances in Embedded Control Systems
  • Methods for Cost Effective Operation and Maintenance
  • Advances in Mechatronic Systems and Robotics
  • Retrofitting Old Control Systems and Robots
  • Efficient Control of Hybrid Energy Systems (Wind, Solar, Biogas, Waterpower)
  • Ecological Systems
  • Engineering Ethics
  • Tele-medical Systems
  • Cross-cultural Aspects of Engineering

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