August 2019 From the IFAC President

Berlin is calling!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Dear Scientists and World Travelers,

Already two years have passed since I took of-
fice as President of IFAC and I am once more
surprised how time flies! This also implies that
the  World  Congress  taking  place  12-17  July
2020 is coming closer and closer. Besides the
fact that - for the organizing team - this results
in even more work, commitment and time, this
also  means  that  the  excitement  and  the  thrill
of  anticipation  grows  exponentially:  Only  11
more  months  until  the  World  Congress  2020
in  Berlin!!  The  IFAC  World  Congress  marks
the biggest and most important meeting of its
kind, promising to be a unique experience for
everyone  interested  in  automation,  systems
and control, newest innovations and tools, sci-
entific discussions and inspiring presentations.
As well as for the inclined travelers interested
in culture, history, art, lifestyle, or more general
memories and experiences that last for a life-
time. I hope you are already as excited as I am
and you’re sedulously working on your paper
submission(s) as the deadline is 31 October.

If, surprisingly, you don’t have a suitable con-
tribution in form of a manuscript by Halloween,
then  don’t  worry,  we’ve  got  another  treat  for
you.  On  top  of  the  usual  paper  submission,
which will be published open access in Science
Direct via IFAC-PapersOnLine, there is a variety
of other opportunities to take an active role in
the World Congress. Late February, for exam-
ple, there is another deadline for ‘Late Break-
ing Results’ for your most recent ideas, which
will be presented at the congress if accepted
but will not be published in the congress pro-
ceedings or online. Furthermore, there will be
technical competitions as well as a video clip
contest. So, if you consider yourself an expert
in fault-tolerant control and fault isolation, race
car  or  drone  control,  for  example,  or  you  are
a creative mind with advanced video clipping
skills, then fame and glory might await you at
the World Congress. Another possibility to gain
a spot on the stage at the World Congress is
the IFAC Control Orchestra. The idea is to bring
together  passionate  musicians  among  the
World  Congress  participants,  practice  on  site
during the IFAC World Congress and then per-
form live for all the Congress attendees during
the closing ceremony. If you’re interested but
you did not sign up yet, this is the link for you:

Even though the World Congress lasts a total
of five days, it is actually a challenge for us to
fit all formats, ideas, competitions, social gath-
erings, presentations and special sessions into
this week. And I don’t want to withhold my per-
sonal highlight from you: There will be a floating
pool at the river ‘Spree’ at the banquet (which
is by the way also included in the student regis-
tration). With the current summer temperatures
in Germany, jumping in such a pool sounds just
like the perfect refreshment!

With the best wishes from sunny Stuttgart,
Frank Allgöwer