October 2018 From the IFAC President

IFAC E-mail aliases
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

How about an email address which stays the
same while you might change your affiliation –
possibly multiple times– your whole life long?
An email address that you can keep wherever
you are situated or move to? IFAC offers such
an email address, or to be more precise, such
an email alias. An IFAC email address is an
email forwarding alias that does not change
even if your email provider or your affiliated in-
stitution or company changes. All emails sent
to your IFAC email address will be forwarded
to an email account that you choose – no need
to check or maintain an additional account and
remember yet another password. The email ali-
ases end in the domain name: ‘@ifac-mail.org’,
which, conveniently, can already indicate your
affiliation with IFAC and your involvement in the
broad field of systems and control.

The process to obtain such an email alias is
really easy. Simply enter the email address
with which you registered as an IFAC affiliate
on the website
You can then choose from different
email aliases generated from your first and last
name. After entering your choice, you have the
possibility to review your choice of IFAC alias
and target address carefully before confirma-
tion – and that’s it! If you have any questions
or problems with this process, you can always
contact the IFAC Secretariat via
How much does the IFAC email address cost
you? The IFAC forwarding email is free of
charge and can be obtained by all IFAC af-
filiates. ‘But then I need to pay to become an
IFAC affiliate?’, you might ask, but becoming
an IFAC affiliate is also free. You simply have to
sign up on
to become an IFAC affiliate. As a consequence, you will
also receive further benefits such as subscription
to IFAC Journals at a reduced rate and the IFAC News-
letter. Actually, the fact that you are reading this
Newsletter right now suggests that you are al-
ready an IFAC affiliate anyways.

There is also no other business model involved.
Remember that IFAC, as stated in the constitu-
tion, ‘does not engage in any activity with fi-
nancial or political aims’ and has the primary
objective to ‘serve all those concerned with
the theory and application of automatic control
and systems engineering’. The IFAC email alias
shall simply be a convenience for you. Need-
less to say, IFAC has no access to your emails
in any way and any personal data from the IFAC
affiliate form ‘will be processed only within our
organisation and only for purposes of such or-
ganisation’, as stated in our Privacy Policy.
Therefore, I invite you all to sign up for and use
an IFAC email address for your convenience.
Furthermore, if you have any additional ideas
about which other kinds of convenient services
IFAC could offer to the systems and control
community – please let me know via
Best wishes from Stuttgart,
Frank Allgöwer