October 2017 From the IFAC President

Spotlight on IFAC awards

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As  you  are  all  aware,  humankind  is  facing  tre-
mendous technological challenges and opportu-
nities at present, for almost all of which control
and automation are important components. Re-
quirements and expectations on the control and
automation solutions are constantly growing and
it  requires  ever  increasing  methodological  and
technical  knowledge  to  address  these increas-
ingly complex and complicated tasks.

Fortunately,  our  community  has  always  been
able to attract some of the brightest people to
the field that are working in industry and research
institutions. It is essential to make sure that our
field remains attractive for young people, so that
many of the best choose this direction. Excellent
educational  programs,  constant  renewal  and
inclusion  of  novel  ideas  and  the  proper  com-
munication of our role, values and success are
very  important  for  this.  But  so  is  recognition.
IFAC  therefore  recognizes  great  achievements
and talent through its awards program granting
IFAC prizes for different achievements in various

Five IFAC Major Awards honor extraordinary life-
time contributions, outstanding contributions to
methods, tools and instrumentation, high impact
papers, significant contributions to industrial ap-
plications  of  control  and  the  outstanding  con-
tributions  of  a  young  researcher.  Distinguished
individuals may be honored by the IFAC Council
as IFAC Fellows for their extraordinary contribu-
tions in our field. The relevance of education is
emphasized through the Harold Chestnut Con-
trol Engineering Textbook Prize.

Furthermore,  the  Journal  Awards,  which  are
awarded  every  three  years,  acknowledge  the
best  research  articles  published  in  the  IFAC
Journals and the Congress Prizes honor the best
papers  presented  at  the  IFAC  World  Congress
including the best paper in the area of applica-
tions, the best paper by a young author and the
best  interactive  paper.  While  the  space  in  this
column is quite limited, check out our webpage
www.ifac-control.org for more details on all IFAC
awards and see some of the other articles in this

For  identifying  award-worthy  candidates  for
each  award,  IFAC  heavily  depends  on  you.
Therefore, I would like to encourage everybody
to  nominate  suitable  candidates  for  the  IFAC
awards  through  the  respective  channels  or  by
contacting the IFAC secretariat in Laxenburg.

Best wishes from Stuttgart,
Frank Allgöwer
(IFAC President 2017-2020)