August 2021 From the IFAC President

2021 Council- and Related meetings held virtually using Zoom again

Dear IFAC Friends and Colleagues,

The IFAC Council and Related Meetings recently wrapped up, taking place over the course of several days in July 2021. Usually these meetings take place once a year with an in-person format and are a chance for friends and colleagues from around the world to gather together in one physical location. It is hoped to be able to return to meeting in-person in 2022 but due to the ongoing pandemic and related issues (such as restrictions on international travel) online was the only feasible option for 2021.

Due to the online nature of the meetings with participants from all parts of the globe the sessions could only take place over the course of several hours in the afternoon European time, in an effort to hold meetings during „awake hours“ of as many participants as possible.

This was the first time IFAC used the new procedure for the selection of its president and World Congress location, as now these decisions have been separated. Six NMOs submitted Expressions of Interest for con-sideration to host the 2029 IFAC World Con-gress. These NMOs gave a brief presentation to the IFAC Council on the second day of their 2021 meeting. After closed deliberations and voting the Council selected three of the EoIs to be expanded for a second and final round of presentations at the 2022 IFAC Council meeting. The three NMOs who will be making presentations in 2022 for the 2029 IFAC World Congress location are Italy, the Netherlands, and the United States of America (in alphabetical order).

At some point later in 2021 a letter will be sent to the NMOs (all, not only the three bid-ding for the Congress location) asking them to submit expressions of interest concerning the IFAC presidency for 2026-2029. It was decided that the 2022 IFAC Council meeting will be held in conjunction with ECC 2022, which will be held from 13-15 July 2022, in London, UK. At the 2022 IFAC Council meeting two separate decisions will be made: the location of the IFAC 2029 World Congress and the president of IFAC for the 2026-2029 triennium. This is all different to past proce-dure when the IFAC president and council location were chosen with one bid submission process and IFAC Council vote.

I would like to thank all six NMOs for their excellent presentations and Expressions of Interest. I would also like to thank all of the IFAC officials and IFAC secretariat for participating in the meetings and for their hard work in the past months during this time of many challenges.

Best regards,

Hajime Asama, IFAC President 2020-2023